Peter Kukuča

  • Chief Information Officer

Peter Kukuča was born in Zlaté Moravce. He is the graduate of Faculty of Electrical Engineering SVŠT in Bratislava in the area of Technical cybernetics, specialization in Measurement engineering.

For long years he was working as a PhD student, lecturer, senior researcher and later as an associate professor at the Department of Measurement of the EF SVŠT (later FEI STU). He was lecturing and training students in many subjects, the most important to him being the subject of Telemetry and data transfer. He was a supervisor of several diploma works, led many year-class and team projects. For many years he was working at the positions of the head of department and the vice dean.

His long term research activities were focused on measuring technology and metrology, mainly measurement of power related parameters in grids with non-harmonic voltages and currents. He gained several awards, the most important to him are the Gold medal of Aurel Stodola and the National award of SSR (Slovak Socialist Republic) for research, development and realization of the system of devices for measuring non-harmonic powers and energies (team member).
For ten years he was a member of the Science council of the Slovak Metrology Institute, where he participated, amongst other things, in the work of committees for reviewing of the proposals for declaring several national standards. He is a member of the international professional organization The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) based in London.

He is the co-founder, co-owner and procurist of ANDIS company, employed in the position of Chief Information Officer.

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