Roman Kukuča

  • Chief Executive Officer

Roman Kukuča was born in Bratislava.

After his high-school graduation he studied at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of SVŠT (now FEI STU) in Bratislava, study course Radioelectronics.
When he obtained the MSc degree, he continued his studies at EF SVŠT as a PhD student. And after that he was working there as a lecturer and later as a senior researcher, with some breaks, till 2004.

In the years 1990 - 1992 he was teaching at the City and Guilds Institute in Paola in Malta, where he was lecturing electrical engineering and computer technology courses.

In 1993, together with the other three partners, he established the ANDIS s.r.o. company. From this year on he has been the procurist and managing director of this company. In 1999 he was the co-founder of Infocar a.s., a company that operates in the field of vehicle monitoring, navigation and refueling systems. After establishing the company he was active in its board of directors for several years. At present, Infocar is a stable business partner of ANDIS.
In 2009, Roman Kukuča was elected member of the board of directors of the Association of Electrotechnical Industry of the Slovak Republic, at present he is a member of the supervisory board.

And how did he become active in the field of electronics? As many others, through one of his leasure activities - music. In times when he was choosing the study focus, devices for music production were almost unavailable. Practically, the only chance to actively pursue music, was to create the necessary equipment by himself. Eventually, this fact decided his choice of the school and the electrical engineering became a constant object of his interest as well as his profession.

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