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ANDIS is offering a wide portfolio of services in the area of custom hardware and software development, mainly in the five basic activity areas and in practically every industry sector. But ANDIS sees the custom development not as an isolated development of hardware and software separately, but as a complex service which aim is to solve the client´s problem effectively or to help him with his project. That often includes the development of both hardware and software simultaneously, because many solutions require their tight interconnection. Exactly in this area ANDIS exploits its biggest competitive advantage and added value. That is the ability to develop software but also the hardware as undivideable parts of the entire solution.


This fact brings the client many advantages:



Client manages the whole project from the beginning to the end only

with ANDIS and that simplifies the project and makes its logistics more effective.


Both hardware and software as parts of the solution cooperate perfectly

together as they are created by a single team of employees in a single company.


As the creators of both hardware and software we can customize the products

exactly according to the demands and needs of the client.


Ordering of both hardware and software parts of the project only in ANDIS is

economically, logistically and administratively better solution than ordering

particular parts of the project separately at multiple suppliers.


The service and aftersales services are being managed only with ANDIS, thus

there is no need to service particular project parts individually at multiple suppliers.


Thus, ANDIS is offering a unique tailor made solutions exactly according to the needs and description of the client´s requirements. Thus, ANDIS can solve any kind of projects. From the most simple ones all the way to the most complex projects with many features. From a simple memory emulator for a race car, through electronic thermometer/pressure gauge designed for extreme conditions of a drill hole two kilometers deep all the way to ANDISmonitor - complex system for online GPS monitoring of vehicles, which nonstop tracks the movement of thousands of vehicles simultaneously and tenths of parameters of each of them.

In praxis, such solutions require custom hardware and software development, because serial products are insufficient for solutions without compromises and it is necessary to develop them from scratch especially for that particular project. In this area, ANDIS can offer complex services from initial consultations with the client, through the analysis of the problem, project preparation, development and production of the prototype all the way to the production of a small series and creation of technical documents for repeated production. Cooperation with our verified partners enables ANDIS to work also on technologically challenging projects, ensure serial production and offer related services. The company exploits its intellectual potential also to offer consultations and expert services in the area of electronic engineering. Servicing is secondary and is oriented to special devices of small series.


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