Finished Projects



In more than 25 years of custom hardware and software development ANDIS has successfully finished many interesting projects. This section summarizes information about all these projects. For easier orientation, the projects are divided into three groups according to the activity areas, industry sectors and extreme parameters. Each of the first two groups contains the technical descriptions of all the projects, but each of these two groups divides these projects into different categories. The third group is special, because instead of a technical description of the projects, it tells the stories of the selected projects. We have chosen only the most interesting projects into this group.

Browse the finished projects according to:


Activity Areas

ANDIS activities can be divided into five basic areas, which are introduced also on homepage. This section divides all the projects into these five areas, which the company structure consists of.



Industry Sectors

All the projects in this group are divided according to the industry sectors, which either the object of the particular project has been connected with, or the client himself was active in that industry sector.


Extreme Parameters

This is a special section, because it introduces projects selected from the previous two groups in a whole new way. All the projects in this group contain an "extreme" parameter, which describes their nature and exceptionality the best way. Particular projects are described by a humoristic story, which often tells more than a sterile technical description. Look behind the scenes of the most interesting projects and know the process of their development from up close and based on that, also the whole attitude of ANDIS to the creation of the solutions to the problems.

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