Device for Monitoring and Recording of the Operation of a Hydraulic Winch on a Technological Vehicle



  • CLIENT: NAFTA a.s.

Control panel of the measurement vehicle for deep operations is a special device designed to meet requirements of NAFTA a.s. company, which purpose is paralel displaying and record of data as an addition to the existing equipment of the IVECO vehicle.

The control panel offers the following basic functions:

  • processing of signals from IRC and ADC convertors
  • display of the length of uncoiled wire in the 0000,0 to 9999,9 (m) range, derived from the IRC
  • display of the depth according to the elastic stretch of the wire in the 0000,0 to 9999,9 (m) range
  • display of the informative speed of uncoiling/coiling of the wire in the 000,0 to 999,9 (m/min) range
  • display of the weight on the wire from 000,0 to 999,9 (kg)
  • the ability to configure and calibrate the displayed parameters
  • the ability to save the configuration and calibration into six independent profiles
  • the ability to record parameters in regular intervals in 1 to 99 (s) range
  • recording of the parameters to the external memory (USB key) in the form of a text file
  • own time source (RTC)


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