Board Computer for Urban and Suburban Public Transport Vehicles



  • CLIENT: Various Clients

The device is primarily suited for drivers of public transport vehicles, but at the same time it brings higher comfort for the passengers too. This board computer has also won the Unique of the year award on the ELO SYS 2011 trade fair in Trenčín. Among the most basic functions is the voice and text communication between the vehicle and the dispatching, the management of particular ticket markers and communication with the central through a radio network or a GPRS. The device can, at the same time, collect the information about the number of tickets sold or other operational data of the vehicle and using the wi-fi connection to send these information to the central. It can, at the same time, wirelessly gain from the depot the information about schedules, services, chip cards etc. Also the GPS monitoring of the vehicle is an important function, the movement of this vehicle can be seen by the dispatching on a map. The information about the vehicle movement can at the same time be used to calculate whether the vehicle is ahead of the actual schedule, or behind. On one hand, this information has the driver, but using the displays on the public transport stations, also the passengers can be informed and that increases the travel comfort. For intercity and international lines, also the modern navigation system with full coverage of all european countries will come in handy. The project has been developed in cooperation with Buse s.r.o.



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