Energy Dispatching of an Electrical Train Traffic



  • YEAR: 2007

The product is a customization of the system for vehicle monitoring. We have added new monitored parameters of consumed and supplied current into the system. At the same time we have customized the system reports so that they are able to calculate the consumed and supplied electrical energy during a particular time period. As a source of electrical data acted the existing system for measurement of electrical energy and as a source of GPS data there was the GPS module developed by ANDIS which is deployed in the ŽSR locomotives. The system was used to detect drawn electrical energy in 15-minute intervals. In the second phase has been created the system whose purpose is to issue a warning after the preset 15-minute maximum has been exceeded. At the same time the system supplied data which were being compared to the data from transformator stations and thus detected potential losses of electrical energy. The project has been developed in cooperation with Schrack Technik s.r.o.

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