CPU AND LED module for displaying pictures



Device for displaying pictures and performing light shows using LED stripes and CPU module. These modules are combined inside a transparent tube and connected to a battery. The design is modular, therefore it is possible to combine more LED modules to create longer display area. Pictures for the show are stored inside the CPU module, which is dividing them into separate lines. These lines are then being displayed one-by-one using the LED lights on the LED module. To achieve that, these lights are blinking thousands of times per second and when the transparent tube is being quickly rotated in a circle, the eye percieves the blinking of the LED lights as a whole circular picture. It is caused by the effect known as persistence of vision and it is a similar effect to seeing aircraft propeller as a solid circle instead of separate blades when in motion.


The device has record-breaking parameters:

  • 160 LED lights on a single module (80 on each side), minimal distance between LEDs

  • 180 degrees light emission angle

  • LED blinking rate from 2600 Hz – 4000 Hz

  • 10 bit colours

  • Powerful RISC CPU

  • 256 MB memory

  • Image stabilisation (world´s first)

  • High-speed USB 2.0, USB charging

  • Wireless synchronization

  • Built-in remote controller



Accompanying software is designed to manage and prepare the pictures for the show and to copy them into the CPU module. It has the following functions:

  • Basic timeline creation

  • Timeline editing

  • Contrast adjustment

  • White colour balance adjustment

  • Automatic contrast and colour saturation adjustment

  • Preparation of files for the particular device

  • Unified interface for different types of devices (future types)

  • Unified workflow for different types of devices (future types)

  • Supported file types: JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF (not animated)

  • Option to upload and display audio track

  • Selection of pictures with Drag&Drop, preview

  • Selection of audio track with Drag&Drop, preview

  • Simple setting for alternation of group of pictures for a preset timeframe

  • Simple attachment of timestamp to a picture, visualization at the audio track

  • Preview of the whole timeline / show

  • Option to save the project

  • Speed of picture rendering adjustment

  • Adjustment of pause duration between pictures


The final products are completed and sold by ARATRON Technologies





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