ACM14 - communicator for electric meter readouts



ACM14 is a communicator designated for an automatic remote readout of electric meters. It is being used mostly for remote readout of electric meters of IMS (Intelligent Measurement System) as a part of a local distribution systems as well as invoice electric meters of regional distribution systems in order to be sending mandatory data to the institutions designated by law. The ACM14 communicator is compatible with our own IMS central, that can be used by users in local distribution systems, renewable energy sources like photovoltaic powerplants as well as industrial parks etc. ACM14 was designed to not require any configurations during the installation and to be fully automated, maximally reliable and not requiring any servicing.

ACM14 communicator is suitable for remote readout of many commonly used types of electric meters using communication protocols STN EN 62056-21 as well as DLMS (HLDC). For example electric meters from EMH (LZQJ, LZQJ-XC, DIZ, ...), Landis & Gyr (E550, E650, …), Iskraemeco (MT382, MT880, ...), Sanxing (SX5A2) and others. ACM14 communicator is able to be realizing a remote readout of several types of invoice electric meters (IMS) which are being used by the three regional distribution systems in Slovakia (ZSDis, SSE-D, VSD).

We are constantly widening the family of supported electric meters based on the needs of the clients. It is possible to connect the ACM14 communicator to the electric meter using the RS-485 interface or the optical sonde. Using the RS-485 interface, the communicator is able to be making the readout of several electric meters simultaneously, thus heavily saving input costs for establishment of the IMS remote readouts. ACM14 communicator is produced with built-in GSM modem and also in Ethernet version. Depending on the type of the communication protocol of the connected electric meter, the communicator is able to be working in PUSH (automatic readout of electric meter based on defined plan and sending of the readout data to FTP server), PULL (the readout of the electric meter is controlled from the central) or combined mode.

The communicator is able to automatically update its firmware.

Detailed information

  • electric meter interface: RS-485 (ACM14-RE, ACM14-RG, ACM14-DLMS) or optical head through RS-232 (ACM14-OE, ACM14-OG)
  • input protocol: STN EN 62056-21 or DLMS (HLDC)
  • readout content: registers including invoice and cumulative, profiles, quality parameters of the network etc.
  • readout interval: typically every 15 minutes or individually adjustable
  • installation on a DIN bar



Activity and status of the communicator are signalized by LED lights. They inform about power supply, status of the connection to the electric meter, status of the network connection and about remote electric meter readouts progress.


The communicator is communicating with the electric meter and its readout according to a defined plan (PUSH). Alternatively, the remote readout of the electric meter controlled from the central and is being done on demand (PULL). In case of need it is possible to combine both functions.


ACM14 communicator does not require any configuration nor similar actions in order to activate it. The only step (in versions with built-in modem) is the insertion of a SIM card in case it is not a part of the supply. The ACM14 communicator can regularly synchronize the electric meter hours using the NTP server.


The communicator is equipped with the ability to automatically update its FW - program under which it is operating.


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