Technical Parameters



  • main 230 V power supply
  • back-up power supply from external 12 V power supply
  • possibility to supply power to the external sensors by shared voltage, 12 V
  • 4x binary monitoring of 230 V inputs - monitoring of voltage presence, device states, monitoring of external devices, states etc.
  • 1x low impedance monitoring of 4 - 20 mA current loop - sensors of pressure, temperature, various values
  • 6x 12 V analogue inputs for monitoring of status of external devices - connection of sensors of various types - thermometers, flow meters, pressure meters, impulse counters, presence of objects
  • 3x non-potential relay output, 230 V, max. 16 A - controlling of other technologies, switching and connecting of technologies
  • 2x output for switching by open collector, 12 V
  • 2x output for direct LED driving, 10 mA
  • built-in one-phase 230 V electric meter
  • GSM communicator, data transfer through CSD, GPRS, SMS, with MicroSIM reader
  • internal built-in 2 MB flash memory
  • possibility to insert MicroSD memory card
  • ethernet interface - internet access, interconnection with SCADA systems
  • RS485 - expansion systems, external intelligent sensors etc.
  • real time clock backed-up by built-in battery
  • firmware update from MicroSD card
  • remote update of firmware of the device
  • microUSB connector for device maintenance access
  • 4x universal diagnostic LED
  • 1x diagnostic LED for MicroSD card operation
  • DIN bar installation
  • IP20 protection


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