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Who is the system for?

On-line GPS monitoring of vehicles provided by ANDISmonitor system, is a new area in IT sphere and offers many possibilities of usage in the business area as well as in the private sphere. The biggest advantage for companies is significant decrease of fleet management costs and big increase in productivity. Private customers can use the system as an active anti-theft protection of their vehicle and thus decrease the possibility of it being stolen and also the cost of its insurance. They will also have the information about the location and driving style of their relatives and friends, or immediate information in case of a car crash, which can save precious seconds after the accident.

What is the purpose of the system?

The monitoring means mainly the remote tracking of the vehicle or fleet activity and gathering of various data about their operation, for example about their actual location, movement, speed or driving direction. It is common to monitor also the status of the other parts of the vehicle - for example of the freight hold, hydraulic arm operation, blast mixer etc. It is also possible to monitor refuellings and declines of the fuel in the vehicle tank. Various reports and statistics used for fleet management are then generated from these data. It is also possible to detect whether the safety of the vehicle is being breached by a thief and after the vehicle has been stolen, using these data the system can locate the vehicle precisely and thus help finding it.

How it works?

ANDISmonitor is accessible through the internet. It is based on the system for monitoring technical-operational parameters of traffic, developed and patented by ANDIS, which is necessary for vehicle monitoring (patent registration number: 285776).

The whole system consists of both hardware and software part, that have both been fully developed in ANDIS. The system is constantly being developed, updated and upgraded by new functions.

The hardware part is represented by a monitoring unit, which collects data about the monitored vehicle. It has a form of a small device installed into the monitored object, for example into a car. Sometimes also a form of a software program is used, which is then installed into a mobile phone and the phone´s GPS and GSM modules are then being used for the actual monitoring. The ANDIStracker application is dedicated for this purpose.

The software part of the system contains the ANDISmonitor web portal, that is used to setup the whole system and whose purpose is to display all the monitoring outputs and data.

Using this web portal it is possible to setup and control all the monitoring functions. Thus it is possible to:

  • Monitor the actual location of the vehicles
  • View the trips history
  • Check the statistics
  • Create reports about the operation of the vehicles
  • Register fuellings
  • Administrate orders, vehicles, drivers, routes etc.
  • View alerts
  • Create new Points of Interest (POI) on the map
  • Setup the system, logins etc.

ANDISmonitor has intuitive user interface, competitive price and many useful functions. The system is 100% online, which means that the program itself is located on the servers of the provider and the user connects to it using the internet connection and a common web browser. Thus it isn´t necessary to buy, install nor maintain any software and the system is always up to date and accessible from any computer, tablet or cell phone connected to the internet.

ANDISmonitor system is working for over 20 years and is monitoring over 17000 vehicles all over the world. Thus you can be sure that it is years confirmed system challenged in various conditions and on thousands of different vehicles. And their number is increasing constantly.



Feel free to try ANDISmonitor out yourself and see how it looks and behaves. It is a 100% copy of the real system with all its functions, but it contains preloaded data only and it is not possible to edit or save any data or settings in it. DEMO serves for presentation purposes only.


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