Economical Contributions of ANDISmonitor System



For the companies it is always important to minimize fleet management and car operation costs and on the other hand maximize the effectivity and productivity of the work. Exactly for help with achieving this never ending goal, the ANDISmonitor system is a great solution. The following text describes how.


The system decreases the car operation costs by 20% average also thanks to the undermentioned positive effects

  • decrease of vehicle administration expenses – thanks to automatic trips and report creation
  • lower insurance rate – the system informs about possible car misuse and it can help to find that vehicle by locating it




  • decrease of fuel expenses – thanks to significant shortening of car idling time, elimination of unauthorized driving, obeying of speed limits, better route planning, more effective dispatching and the possibility to monitor fuel leaks and driving styles
  • decrease of car wear – by better route planning, shortening of car idling time, elimination of unauthorized driving and by controlling of driving style


  • lower risk of car crash and penalties – thanks to more responsible behavior of the drivers and obeying of speed limits
  • lower phone bills – thanks to elimination of „where are you?“ calls and the possibility to send text messages to the drivers





The system helps increase productivity by 20% average also thanks to the following effects

  • turnover increase support – by more effective vehicle use, better dispatching, more orders accomplished in the same time
  • greater customer satisfaction – thanks to earlier deliveries and the possibility to inform the customers more precisely about delivery time and its actual location





  • elimination of unauthorized driving – because the vehicles are monitored constantly
  • employee´s discipline increase – they know they are monitored and so they reach better performance and work more effectively



  • decision support for management and planning of car fleet – using valuable information about vehicles and drivers the system delivers
  • better overview and control of work of employees in the field – thanks to actual information about their location and status





  • ANDISmonitor is bringing positive effects from the first day of usage
  • The investments in it will return to you during the first months of using it





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