bikeAngel - system for monitoring of bicycles


  • KLIENT: various clients


bikeAngel is a monitoring system primarily designed to monitor bike status. However, it can also be used to monitor scooters, quadricycles, but also garden mowers for example. The system fulfills two basic tasks - security and protection. The security function has the task of informing the owner immediately when unauthorized manipulation of the monitored object occurs. The protective function is to immediately inform the persons concerned in the event of an accident and to speed up possible assistance. Similarly to GPS vehicle monitoring, the system contains a monitoring unit hidden in the monitored object, for example in the bicycle. It automatically monitors its status, movement and location and provides all the data needed to provide other advanced features. They are controlled and used through the mobile app for iOS and Android.



  • Motion and Shock Sensor (accelerometer)

  • Automatic recognition of the owner

  • Automatic or manual electronic guarding

  • Automatic guarding when owner is away

  • Requesting the current location

  • Status alerts: theft, shock, fall / shock, connnection control

  • Option to show multiple monitored objects on one smartphone

  • Sending alarms to multiple persons

  • Battery status indication

  • Support for iOS and ANDROID







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