Monitoring unit

The AM13-F monitoring unit is primarily designed to monitor the work of the forklifts with electrical, gas or diesel engines. With the possibility of monitoring industrial machines and mechanisms using the GPS system, monitoring the status of the devices through the inputs, monitoring of the operational states from the CAN bus, driver identification, gathering the driver information from the digital tachograph and remote transfer of the collected data through the GSM communication infrastructure using the GPRS, CSD or SMS protocols. The monitoring unit is collecting the following data, that are constantly monitored and evaluated:


  • Time

  • Distance travelled

  • Motohours

  • Speed

  • Starter key status

  • Seat status

  • Battery voltage

  • Load weight

  • GPS location

  • Crashes

  • Driver identification



  • GPS receiver, monitoring of location, speed, travelling direction and time

  • Measurement of the distance travelled (impuls or GPS tachometer)

  • 3x analogue inputs for monitoring of the status of the external devices

  • 4x digital optically separated inputs

  • Input for connecting to the CAN bus

  • RS485 communication

  • RS232 communication

  • 4x analogue outputs for controlling the external devices

  • 2x isolated relay outputs

  • Driver identification (iButton, RFID, tachograph)

  • Possibility to connect the external piezoacoustic driver and indication LED

  • Event recorder

  • GSM communicator, data transfer through CSD, GPRS, SMS

  • RF communicator in the 868 MHz band

  • 6 diagnostic LED

  • Acceleration sensor

  • Internal real-time clock backed up by battery



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