ManiTech - System for monitoring and management of forklifts


  • CLIENT: Various clients 


The goal of ManiTech system is to increase the work productivity of warehouse workers and simultaneously decrease the costs connected with operation and servicing of forklifts.

The whole system consists of hardware and software part.

The hardware part is the monitoring unit, which is installed into the forklift, is collecting various data about its operation and is sending them to the server.

The software part of the system is the ManiTech Client application, which is designed to display the data and statistics about forklifts, create reports, setup the system, monitor the actual and historical location of the forklifts and other activities connected with their operation. The data are saved on the server, access to them is secured by encrypted communication and protected by name and password.



  • Forklift use during the working hours - trips with and without load

  • Driver identification

  • Forklift blocking after unauthorized operation

  • Monitoring of driver´s seat occupancy

  • Forklift blocking after abandoning it

  • Monitoring of engine hours from the bus

  • Recording of crashes in 3 levels

  • Forklift blocking after 3rd level crash

  • Forklift deblocking after crash by authorized person only

  • Monitoring of load weight

  • Recording of trips with and without load

  • Recording of maximal load during a trip

  • Recording of exceeding of maximal forklift load

  • Monitoring of forklift speed

  • Recording of exceeding maximal speed limit in the area

  • Recording of leaving the zones of permitted movement

  • Monitoring of main battery voltage

  • Service intervals according to operation duration or Mth














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