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AM04-DeLuxe is a versatile mobile industrial computer. It is suitable for use in various applications, which require high computing power and resistance to environmental conditions. It is applicable mainly in the industry and in the automotive sector, but also in many other areas.

Possible applications of AM04-D

In vehicles

  • GPS vehicle monitoring
  • Navigation system
  • Input of operational parameters
  • Functions of mobile office and multimedia
  • Driver - dispatcher, driver – driver communication

Management of a technological process

  • Management of gritting vehicle body
  • Archiving of operational parameters
  • Visualization of actual status of the body

Locomotive terminal

  • Online communication between engine-driver and dispatcher
  • Usage in extreme conditions
  • Antivandal body
  • RS485 interface for communication with Scalar

Processing unit for gas and temperature sensors

  • Visualization of actual states of particular gas sensors
  • Data archiving
  • SMS notification when limits exceeded
  • Remote monitoring through intranet / internet
  • Connections for additional sensors (flood sensor for example)

Control panel of measuring vehicle for deep ground operations

  • Primary processing and evaluation of data from sensors
  • Displaying of operational data
  • Archiving of data
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