Mission of the Company



1. ANDIS gathers people for whom creation of useful things represents an essential need, challenge and personal satisfaction

2. In ANDIS, people by themselves create the work environment of their own to be very friendly, creative and inspiring

3. ANDIS concentrates its efforts on creation of non-material added value, rather than production of potential waste

4. ANDIS does not copy existing solutions, but creates products that are not available on the market, or rather, that are even not known to possibly exist in the near future

5. ANDIS is searching for problematic tasks that do not end by solving the client´s problem, but initiate next meaningful creative activity

6. ANDIS purposely gains and accumulates skills and know-how, professional and technical background in the areas of measurement, industrial electronics, telematics, ICT and R&D

7. ANDIS gradually acquires new business partners, at home and abroad, on the basis of mutual usefulness and trust, with the aim of establishing a long-term cooperation, rather than making an instant profit

8. In ANDIS we consider as a success a design of a product with our logo on it that is useful for our client. We consider the success to be bigger when the product with the ANDIS logo is resold by a business partner. We consider the success to be the biggest when a product of ours is marketed by a reputable partner with a logo of his own

9. ANDIS is a trusted development organization, verified by time and important references, who is able to efficiently solve complex tasks according to an exact assignment of the target solution from the client or through an own proposal based on understanding the client´s problem

10. ...we are your solution

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