Telematics consists of both communication and information technologies. Those areas are connected with the majority of our finished projects. Our company is active in the development of hardware, firmware and software for such areas as telemetry, monitoring and remote control in car transport. From vehicle localization to dispatcher centrals. The company products use GPS localization system and modern communication systems such as GSM, GPRS, internet and various radio networks. ANDIS has big experience in the systems for management of transport and logistics combined with navigation - in the passenger, cargo and public transport. The company is also active in the problematics of remote data collection in the area of power engineering.

ANDIS is also developing products designed for monitoring of operation areas, gas leaks detection, exceeding of critical temperature or measurement of the consumption of the machines. We are also offering devices and systems for monitoring and administration of objects such as cottages, flats, offices and various technological areas together with security systems, remote monitoring and control of appliances.


ANDISmonitor - System for On-line GPS Monitoring of Vehicles

  • EXTREME PARAMETER: Number of Clients, Size of the Application and Amount of Data Processed 24 Hours a Day
  • CLIENT: Business Partners

GPS/GSM Monitoring Units

  • EXTREME PARAMETER: Wide Portfolio with Years Long Compatibility, Award for Patented Solution and Export
  • CLIENT: Business Partners

Board Computer for Urban and Suburban Public Transport Vehicles, Cooperation with Buse s.r.o.

  • CLIENT: Various Clients

Energy Dispatching of an Electrical Train Traffic


Dispatcher Program Equipment for Monitoring of City Public Traffic

  • CLIENT: Dopravný podnik Bratislava

AWAX Device

  • EXTREME PARAMETER: Project with Unexpected Result
  • CLIENT: Various Clients

Q-BOX Device

  • EXTREME PARAMETER: Project with Unexpected Result
  • CLIENT: Various Clients

Monitoring of Radiokom Transmitter


ManiTech - System for monitoring and management of forklifts

  • CLIENT: Various Clients

AG10-BS - Analysis-Correction Recorder

  • CLIENT: ŽSR / Goerlitz

AG11-RB - Analysis-Correction Recorder

  • CLIENT: ŽSR / Goerlitz

bikeAngel - System for monitoring of bicycles

  • CLIENT: Various clients
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