Projects by Industry Sectors

In almost 20 years of custom hardware and software development ANDIS has successfully finished many interesting projects. And particular projects are mutually so different that it is hard or even impossible to find what they have in common. That indicates the width of the company┬┤s abilities and the will to solve any interesting project. After a little simplification we can say that majority of the problems or projects that ANDIS has solved or is solving right now, are connected with technical areas, electronics especially. But many times these solutions are parts of bigger projects that spread widely across all the areas of the economy and activities of the people. Also because of that can we say that we have clients from almost all the industry sectors.

The big number and variability of the sectors and finished projects prove the flexibility of the company and its ability to orient itself in every part of the industry and in almost any problematics. The following sections show the application of our products in particular sectors and present specific examples of successfully finished projects. Exactly your project can be the next...

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