Most Extreme Projects



From all projects completed successfully by ANDIS, we have selected those that are unique in some way. These projects can be characterized by various extreme parameters that range from a short delivery time to demanding conditions under which the products are expected to work. In fact, it is this kind of projects that have been challenging our designers and verifying their qualities, pushing our company ahead and proving that ANDIS will always find a way to succeed. So do not hesitate to challenge us with your project, however „extreme“ you suppose it to be. The truth is that ANDIS successfully completed several such projects in the past. Here are the examples of the most extreme ones.


Electronic Thermometer/Pressure Gauge for Deep Earth Drills

  • EXTREME PARAMETER: Precision of Pressure Measurement in Wide Range under Extremely Rough Conditions
  • CLIENT: NAFTA a.s.



Real Time Clock

  • EXTREME PARAMETER: Requirements for Military Level Mechanical Durability
  • CLIENT: Špeciálne systémy a software, a.s.

Equipment for Testing of the Electricity Measurement System on Railway Engines

  • EXTREME PARAMETER: (Almost) Impossible Delivery Time
  • CLIENT: Siemens s.r.o.

GPS/GSM Monitoring Units

  • EXTREME PARAMETER: Wide Portfolio with Years Long Compatibility, Award for Patented Solution and Export
  • CLIENT: Business Partners

ANDISmonitor - System for Online GPS Monitoring of Vehicles

  • EXTREME PARAMETER: Number of Clients, Size of the Application and Amount of Data Processed 24 Hours a Day
  • CLIENT: Business Partners

Program for Synchronization of Energy Measurements

  • EXTREME PARAMETER: Project with the Most Important Button
  • CLIENT: Görlitz Austria GmbH



Watt-Hour Meter Readout Application for a Hand-Held Terminal

  • EXTREME PARAMETER: Highest Work Effectiveness
  • CLIENT: E.ON IT Slovakia spol. s r.o.

On-line Emulator

  • EXTREME PARAMETER: Project with the Worst Ending
  • CLIENT: Automobile Racer



 Extremely Sensitive Tension Sensor

  • EXTREME PARAMETER: Project with Our Smallest Participation
  • CLIENT: Institute of Physics, Slovak Academy of Sciences


 am04-d  Monitoring Units of Stationary Objects
  • EXTREME PARAMETER: Project with Unexpected Result
  • CLIENT: Business Partners
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