Research and Development



Development of devices, programs and integrated systems to extend ANDIS products portfolio, for contract partners and for every new client which is interested in our products, services, experience and attitude of solving his problem.

Science-research projects. Tight interconnection with basic research, application of the results of the basic research into the praxis. Cooperation with universities and departments of Slovak Academy of Sciences. Participation on projects that require applicable output of science-research knowledge.


All of Our Projects and Products - We are Offering Hardware and Software Developed Exclusively by Us

  • CLIENT: Various Customers

Interactive Project Portal

  • CLIENT: Slovak University of Technology

Teach Programator


Extremely Sensitive Tension Sensor

  • EXTREME PARAMETER: Project with Our Smallest Participation
  • CLIENT: Institute of Physics, Slovak Academy of Sciences

Cooperation on Creation of Science-Research Workstation, Energoz Project

  • CLIENT: Slovak Academy of Sciences

Measurement Of Minibuses Consumption

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