In this area, ANDIS is active in the field of measurement of various non-electrical parameters (for example temperature, humidity, pressure, gas concentration) as well as electrical parameters (voltage, current, power, energy). It focuses mainly on devices that are not on the market normally, or they have to meet tough requirements, either regarding the precision or operational ranges. Moreover, it is possible to adapt them according to the requirements and needs of the client. The products are taking place in industry sectors, power engineering and elsewhere.

Remote readout from electrometers. Special modules for monitoring of operational parameters in the electricity distribution network. Software and services connected with measurement, evaluation and management of consumption in small and medium operations. Consultative activities and expertises.

Measurement of the temperature, pressure and the concentration of technical gasses. Special measurement devices of a small series. Measurement of revolutions, location, fuel consumption and so on, mostly in automobile engineering. Devices connected to CAN and FMS buses.


Electronic Thermometer/Pressure Gauge for Deep Earth Drills

  • EXTREME PARAMETER: Precision of Pressure Measurement in Wide Range under Extremely Rough Conditions
  • CLIENT: NAFTA a.s.

Concentration Measurement Devices of Technical Gasses

  • CLIENT: Mikrotrade s.r.o.

Module for Measurement of Fuel Consumption in the Tank of the Vehicle

  • CLIENT: Infocar a.s.

MM485Tv2 - Thermometer for Power Engineering

  • CLIENT: Schrack Technik

Wireless Thermometer

  • CLIENT: Various Clients

AWA - Gyroscopic Revolutions Sensor

  • CLIENT: Various Clients

AIL09-IES Module in Cooperation with Schrack Technik s.r.o

  • CLIENT: Distribution Companies in Slovakia and Abroad

Direct-current Static Watt-Hour Meter AEM11-PS

  • CLIENT: Various Clients

SEPS Studies


Measuring Voltage Converter


AIL12 - Monitoring of Presence / Drop-out of 3 Phase Voltages in The Low Voltage Network

  • CLIENT:  IFT InForm Technologies

AIL15 - Monitoring Of Presence / Drop-out Of 3 Phase Voltages In The Low Voltage Network

  • CLIENT: Schrack Technik
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