Industrial Electronics



Everything we do is electronics and electrotechnics... Analog and digital, consumer, industrial and military. From proposal all the way to realization. Repeated production or unique development and custom piece production. From printed circuit with individual parts through the firmware all the way to the complex devices and systems.

ANDIS has a lot of experience and is offering many modules, devices and programs for monitoring the movement and status of objects in the road traffic, rail traffic and power engineering. It is also active in the development and production of small series of devices and programs for industrial usage according to the needs of clients. The systems are usable in engineering, traffic, power engineering, building industry and chemistry.


AM04-D - Industrial Computer

  • CLIENT: Various Clients

Equipment for Testing of the Electricity Measurement System on Railway Engines

  • EXTREME PARAMETER: (Almost) Impossible Delivery Time
  • CLIENT: Siemens s.r.o.

Terminal for Locomotives in Cooperation with Schrack Technik s.r.o. and Siemens s.r.o


Real Time Clock

  • EXTREME PARAMETER: Requirements for Military Class Mechanical Durability
  • CLIENT: Špeciálne systémy a software, a.s.

On-line Emulator

  • EXTREME PARAMETER: Project with the Worst Ending
  • CLIENT: Automobile Racer

Device for Monitoring and Recording the Activity of a Hydraulic Winch in a Technological Vehicle

  • CLIENT: NAFTA a.s.

RPS-07 - System for Controlling the Gritting Vehicle Body

  • CLIENT: Vývoj Martin a.s.

Wood Dryer Management Unit

  • CLIENT: Agroslužba

Measurement of the Consumption of the Pre-Heating Stands in DC Traction System

  • CLIENT: ŽSR (Railroads of Slovak Republic)

E1803D compact XY2/100 scanner controller

  • CLIENT: HALaser

E1701A modular analogue scanner controller

  • CLIENT: HALaser

E1701D modular XY2/100 scanner controller

  • CLIENT: HALaser

Digi I/O - extension board

  • CLIENT: HALaser

AIN16 - device for voltage indication

  • CLIENT: IFT InForm Technologies

AARMG20 - miniature industrial computer

  • CLIENT: Various Clients

Control and communication unit for displays for intelligent public transport stops


AT10TP - Stabilized voltage power supply


CPU AND LED module for displaying pictures

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