Measurement Of Minibuses Consumption



  • CLIENT: Various Customers

AEM10-FD is a measurement module designed to realize traction-energetic measurements on rail and road vehicles with electric traction.

Among its basic properties are:

  • Continuous measurement of minimal, mean and maximal value of the voltage, current and power
  • Continuous energy measurement
  • Regular one minute record of the energy, minimal, mean and maximal value of voltage, current and power
  • The capacity of the regular minute records is the last 33 000 records
  • Short term quick measurement of real-time values of the voltage and current run by the operator
  • The option to select the record period of the short term quick measurement to 10ms, 100ms, 1s
  • Memory capacity during the short term quick measurement max. 180 000 records
  • Output to communication/superior system using the RS-485, the protocol according to the EN 62056-21 specification, C mode
  • The option to copy the measured data to an output .csv file using the control software on a PC
  • Realtime clock with backup for 10 years

Examples of applications:

  • Fakulta dopravní ČVUT in Prague - Long term measurement of the consumption of an electric bus in Prague
  • BUSE Blansko - Measurement of the consumption of various components of an electric installation in the public transport vehicles



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