AIL09-IES Module



  • CLIENT: distribution companies in Slovakia and abroad
  • YEAR: 2011

AIL09-IES is a device designed to monitor the presence of a phase voltage in the low voltage network mainly in the transformator stations, switchrooms and in industry operations.

Basic properties:

  • Monitoring of the presence or outage of 18 network voltages max. 400V CATII
  • Monitored voltages are divided into 3 groups of 6 inputs
  • Each of the 3 groups has shared zero connector and is galvanically divided from the rest of the inputs, output and device power supply
  • Inputs in the group are marked as 2 three-phase systems, the connection to particular phases can be optional (for example all the 6 inputs to various outputs of the same phase)
  • Input voltage 70V rms responds to the presence of line voltage. Input status in the 40-70V rms range is not defined.
  • Event signalization (outage or restore of the voltage) by non-potential switching contact (max. 100 V, 0,1 A)
  • Output to communication/superior system using the RS-485, the protocol according to the EN 62056-21 norm, C mode
  • Each three-phase group of inputs has a LED signalizing the status of particular monitored voltages (OK or outage)
  • Real time clock with 10 year backup
  • Memory for records about the last 500 events


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