Monitoring Units of Stationary Objects



  • EXTREME PARAMETER: Project with Unexpected Result
  • ACTIVITY AREA: Telematics
  • INDUSTRY SECTOR: Building Industry
  • CLIENT: Business Partners
  • PROJECT LEADER: Ing. Eduard Chrvala, Ing. Michal Novák

AWAX and Q-Box are similar products, they only differ in the range of functions they offer and in the target group of customers. But the basic principles are the same in both cases – the owner of our product has the control over his real estate literally at his fingertips – if he has a cell phone in his hand.

The devices can be installed in a house, office, production hall, cottage. Everywhere where there is a risk of intrusion into such an object by burglars for example, or there is a need to check or control something remotely.

A typical installation in a cottage is the following: the device registers unauthorized opening of doors or windows and sends a text message to the owner. It is much more useful than a commonly used alarm with a siren. Nowadays, nobody pays attention to alarm sirens anymore. On the other hand, a text message can be delivered directly to the owner as well as to a security service. On top of that the devices enable monitoring of the power black-outs (useful for those who have a fridge full of goodies in their cottage), temperature measurement and turning on the electric heater remotely (this will enable you to visit a preheated cottage during the winter), calling for help by pushing a security button (when an unexpected health problem occurs) and so on.

One of our first clients who bought such a device happened to play part in the following story. He owns a cottage located far away from where he lives. The cottage itself is located near a village, in which there also is a pub. Our client had an agreement with the bartender. Should our device report any alarms to the owner, the bartender would drop by his cottage and see what is going on. And should there be a power black-out, the bartender would make sure that the meat stored in his freezer in the cottage would not get spoilt.

One day such a power black-out occurred. Our client, let´s call him Julo, received a text message reporting this incident. So he called the bartender and asked for her help. But she told him that power was on. Julo was stubborn and told her that it was not true. So the bartender asked the local electrician (by chance he was there) if power was out or not. He also confirmed that power was on – after all, everybody in the pub could see that. But Julo insisted anyway, so the bartender forced the electrician to go and check the local main fuse-box. Doing that revealed the fact that one phase only was down. It was the one that wasn’t supplying the lighting and wall sockets in the village, so nobody could notice that.

From that day on our device was perceived as a security system of the highest level by the locals. Julo says that he even doesn´t have to lock the cottage anymore. Everyone was at the pub when that guy living hundreds of kilometers away knew better than the local electrician...

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