ANDISmonitor - System for Online GPS Monitoring of Vehicles



  • EXTREME PARAMETER: Number of Clients, Size of the Application and Amount of Data Processed 24 Hours a Day
  • ACTIVITY AREA: Telematics
  • CLIENT: Business Partners
  • YEAR: 2000
  • PROJECT LEADER: Ing. Tomáš Falb

Monitoring of vehicles has a long tradition in our company.  Since 1998 it has become one of our key activities.

I will never forget my first impression when we were testing the prototype of our system for the first time. We have been working on it for long months under very complicated conditions, in a time when almost no components needed for a vehicle monitoring system were standard or even available at all. I was sitting in a car that was being monitored from our office by the designers themselves. I drove the car where my eyes led me. Our development team had no idea where I have chosen to drive. Once I had parked the car, I asked them on the phone where my car was. They told me what our system indicated - the street name and the approximate house number. I was lucky that the car has already been parked, since I was in for a little shock – the location information was correct. This happened almost one and half a decade ago.

I also perfectly recall the first contacts with the potential customers, insurance companies and security services. When we explained the concept of vehicle monitoring, they didn´t have a clue what we were talking about. Some of them thought nothing like that could possibly exist. And even if, it would be of no use since people wouldn’t be willing to be monitored. It was similar to the situation that happened many years ago after the first successful experiments with „flying machines“. One representative of a ministry of defense has been offered a cooperation proposal. He declared that he could hardly imagine something less useful for the army than some flying machine...

So what is the situation nowadays? Several security companies are providing security services relying on vehicle monitoring, the insurance companies will not insure some vehicles without a built-in GPS monitoring unit and the customers can choose from an almost infinite portfolio of various devices and services on every possible level of functions, quality and price.

During the last years, our ANDISmonitor stood many tests of time, underwent many technological customizations and generation changes. Today it is being offered in several countries in the form of a complex service. There are thousands of clients using it every day. On our servers, our proprietary applications are continuously collecting, processing and storing data from thousands of mobile units. The user can access his data from anywhere in the world, as long as he has internet access, and within a couple of seconds check up on anything he needs.

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