Equipment for Testing of the Electricity Measurement System on Railway Engines



We have been working on a relatively demanding project for one of our partner companies. The cooperation among several subcontractors was excellent, the final solution was very complex. The project was vast and the realization was occupying all employees involved on a 100% basis for long months. As it sometimes happens in such projects, suddenly you have to face a situation that couldnĀ“t have been foreseen, but the quick resolution of which is required desperately to continue successfully. According to one of ParkinsonĀ“s laws, the bigger the project is and the better its preparation was, the bigger also the unexpected obstacle will be and the less time for overcoming it you will have.

Siemens came with an idea of a way out. The project manager paid us a visit and submitted a proposal that would solve the situation. We summoned the team and listened to the proposal. It looked promising and was well conceived, we were given rough idea sketches. A lot of work to do, but simply a million dollar idea to solve the situation.

Then we asked about the time requirements. The answer was 6 weeks. For the offer? No, for the realization. Of the prototype? No, of the final product. A tailor-made measurement device, in standard design, with accessories, in a robust tailor-made metal case so the device could be used in the field. Not one, but four such devices. With the necessary tests performed and safety inspection report enclosed.

The result is in the picture. Each device has the dimensions of 300x400x120 mm and is literally full of electronics. The raw idea had to be transformed into a real solution, with printed circuit boards and the whole mechanical concept designed, functionality verified, units manufactured, set up and burned-in, tested successfully, put into a robust tailor-made case, safety inspection report obtained, complete manuals and accessories added.

And how long did it take us? 6 weeks, of course.

Technical information about the project


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