Program for Synchronization of Energy Measurements



  • EXTREME PARAMETER: Project with the most significant button
  • SECTOR: Power Engineering
  • CLIENT: Görlitz Austria GmbH
  • PROJECT LEADER: Ing. Peter Kukuča

The system is an individual upgrade of the energy data storage, the EDW3000. Its task is to ensure the ability of mutual exchange, comparison and synchronization of energy measurements on the electric lines between countries. The system is designed according to the ENTSO-E standard and consists of two parts. The server part is connected to the EDW3000 program and ensures the planning of the data exchange, the operations of receiving and recording of the data from and to the EDW3000 system, the creation and sending of the documents with data and support documents, receiving and import of the documents with data and support documents and the management of the processes of exchange and synchronization of the data. The second part of the system is a client application using which the operator controls and manages the processes in the system. The client application offers the ability to display the information and reports about the data, documents and processes in the system as well as the tools for solving of conflict and non-standard situations.

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