Regulation of the Traffic Lights on the VW Bratislava Test Track



  • CLIENT: VW Bratislava

The project consists of the hardware and software part. The hardware part includes the radio station and its extension module developed for this purpose. This hardware equipment is interconnected with the traffic lights placed on several places on the test track for automobiles in the VW Bratislava factory. The extension module offers the possibility to control the traffic lights using a radio station. The drivers of the test cars as well as dispatchers of the test facility have radio transmitters, using which they can turn the signalization on the traffic lights on in case there is a problem on the track. The command to turn the traffic lights on will come from the radio transmitter to the central and the control software in the central will turn the trafic lights on as well as it will verify that the traffic lights have turned on successfully. At the same time, the control software automatically and in regular intervals tests the whole system and signalizes the operating staff automatically, if the system is not fully functional. Of course, the system is also creating records about the operation of the system and commands given.



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