Measurement of the Consumption of Electric Preheating Devices in DC Traction System



  • CLIENT: Railroads of Slovak republic
  • YEAR: 2012

Development and production of measurement, controlling and identification electronics of the project.

The aim of the project was to build a new centralized measurement system of consumption of AC / DC electrical energy of particular EPD stands (electric preheating devices) that are used for preheating of passenger locomotives. The system is measuring the consumption of 60 EPD stands on 11 stations of Railroads of Slovak republic, identifies the users of particular stands (energy consumers) and sends the appropriate data (who, when, how much) to the energetic central of the Railroads of Slovak republic. The system doesn´t allow to turn on the preheating without a verified identification of the user. The users have access to the actual data about their energy consumption on their notebook, tablet or smartphone using a local wireless connection. The system allows the local and remote configuration, the administration of the list of energy consumers and identification keys, as well as complete update of its firmware.

Parts of the system developed by ANDIS:

  • AEM11-PS - DC electronic electrometer
  • ARJ11-PS - control unit 
  • AIJ11-PS - identification unit
  • AIO11-PS - device for blocation of the preheating
  • control, communication and configuration software



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