ANDIStracker is an application for smartphones with OS Android and is dedicated for online GPS monitoring of vehicles using the phone´s integrated GPS and internet connection. It gaines the necessary information from the GPS, for example the location, driving direction or speed, which are then being sent to the central for further processing. All these information are then available for the user on the ANDISmonitor webpage ( Also a mobile ANDISmonitor application can be used, which is available on Google play. It also contains an advanced energy management to minimize the energy consumption of the smartphone. ANDIStracker is suited for you to test the ANDISmonitor system without the need to buy and install a hardware monitoring unit. However, the application doesn´t serve as its replacement or substitute, as it has only the most basic functions and you have to turn it on and off manually during every single trip. Thus, for regular usage of the ANDISmonitor system, especially for companies, we strongly recommend full-featured hardware monitoring units.

WARNING: In the present, this application is only for existing users of the ANDISmonitor system.


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