AT10-D All In One



AT10-D or DeLuxe All In One is navigation, monitoring, communication and multimedia unit of the highest model range with many functions offering driver the maximal comfort seen in the highest class vehicles. Its biggest advantage is the fact that it combines various devices together so you can avoid buying and operating them separately. And while it only needs to be plugged in to cigarette lighter plug to operate, it is also fully mobile and transferable among vehicles according to your need. It´s based on a powerful mobile computer AM04-D with 800 MHz processor. It is controlled using a touch screen, which can be attached to the windshield using a holder. It´s suitable as an additional equipment for private cars and trucks or construction machines, for business as well as private use. It allows various combinations of functions according to the vehicle type and specific client demands. By inserting a SIM card of any GSM provider you can use its monitoring and communication functions using the CARmonitor web portal - for example vehicle GPS monitoring, internet access, sending SMS messages etc. It is also possible to use all the functions of the ANDISmonitor portal - for example viewing the actual vehicle positions and trips on the map, trip reports creation, car fleet administration etc.











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