Case Studies



One of many clients that are using the ANDISmonitor system is a company that is running net of coffee vending machines and owns 7 vehicles. The empoyees of this company have to check particular vending machines in their region, check their status, refill them and retrieve the cash from them. The employee isn´t closely controlled after he leaves the base in any way. That gives him the opportunity to take care of personal business during the working time using the employers vehicle, without the cost of driving fuel or tires...And, moreover, his duty is paid by the company. Even though the company operated seemingly normally, it wasn´t possible to control the employees. After the constant increasing of the costs, the company owner caught suspicion and doubts about the validity of some of the trips performed. The installation of GPS monitoring system proved his doubts true. More than 24% monthly km have been realized ineffectively, in irrational logistical trips and without any optimalization. More than 20% of the trips were for private purposes. But the most important discovery was that part of the company´s employees built their own net of vending machines, which they serviced using the cars of their employer. Thus, the loss of the company was doubled, not only in the increase of direct costs, but also by the creation of competing net of vending machines.

In this example from praxis, you can see both positive effects of ANDISmonitor system. On one hand, the system discovered high ratio of unauthorized trips which brought the employer nothing at all, but they costed him money. By discovery of such trips the system saved those money. At the same time, it improved the productivity, because instead of taking care of personal business, the employees devoted this time to real productive work. Not to mention the significant positive effects brought by the discovery of the fact that part of the company´s employees built their own net of vending machines.



A special case are trucks and their consumption. While a medium sized tank on trucks has volume around 500 litres, it costs more than 600 € counting with actual prices of diesel fuel. To control the consumption and company resources used during the trips is almost impossible without the use of vehicle and particularly consumption monitoring. ANDISmonitor system solves also these situations. After the installation of additional electronic float-gauge, the fleet manager in one of the truck companies called one of his drivers, which had big problems explaining him the differences between cash receipt from tank station he brought and the real information from ANDISmonitor system. The system automatically calculated the difference between the receipt and the real reading from ANDISmonitor system. The end result was that there was 58 litres of diesel less in the truck tank than what was recorded on the receipt. Without the monitoring system, the net loss for the company for just one truck and one outland trip would be around 80 €. Try to calculate the possible losses counting more trucks and more trips during a month or a year...

Also this case is a clear example how can ANDISmonitor system save company resources.

What is the situation in your company? Would you bet on all your employees that are using a vehicle for work? Do they all work as you imagine they should? Are you satisfied with their work performance? Is there nothing to improve? If you have but a little suspicion, verify their allegiance for your company. Only then will you gain precise answers for these questions. Moreover, we can lend you the GPS monitoring unit with full functionality for 30 days to try for free. It´s worth the try, you´ve got nothing to lose...

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