Advantages of Vehicle Monitoring for Firm Departments



Not only fleet managers profit from the vehicle monitoring as it may seem, but practically every single part or department in the company. From the driver himself in a car through all the departments to the company director. The following text describes the contribution of vehicle monitoring to particular departments or employee positions in the company.



ANDISmonitor helps to find new orders, protects company reputation and ensures that empoyees and drivers deliver the best effort possible. It also ensures increased productivity and lower costs and helps minimize vehicle misuse and car accident count.


ANDISmonitor improves the overview of company car fleet and all the activities connected with it and in the same time lowers the costs and increases the productivity and effectivity. It sharply decreases the costs for labour, driving fuel, insurance, vehicle servicing, communication and paperwork and thus saves the company capital.


ANDISmonitor helps to maximize the number of potential sales contacts and to manage particular sales territories more effectively, resulting in greater turnover. It delivers the control necessary for realization of strategic plans in the praxis. It also increases the effectivity of salesmen, stimulates their motivation and provides the automatic maintaining of work records. All this results in increased number of sales meetings and sales opportunities which, on the other hand, increase the overall turnover.


ANDISmonitor system completely substitutes the manual creation of work records. It can be used to control the hours worked, to evaluate the output or employee premiums. It also delivers accurate targeting of training of drivers and that helps beginners to gain correct habits and to expose established drivers with bad habits. Furthermore, the requirements for employee count can be planned accurately, quickly and easily.


The data that ANDISmonitor system delivers ensure more detailed information for the customer about the project or supply progress in real time. The ability to inform about the actual location of the supply for the client and about the estimated time of its arrival increases the customer satisfaction and strengthens the overall cooperation with customers. This cooperation is also improved by records of particular trips, visited places and possible delays.


ANDISmonitor system controls whether the driver is working correctly. It is also used as a tool for communication between the driver and the dispatcher, tool for sending the work tasks directly to the driver in the field and it also controls the progress of these tasks. The detailed route plans and navigation system help the driver during his trips. Trip records serve as a proof of visited places, clients, supplies of goods, delays etc. – all this without the need for any paperwork. The ability to warn about car accident or misuse and the possibility to display its actual location on the map gives peace of mind to everybody involved.


Route planning and navigation system save precious time, ensure more sales meetings and higher bonuses for salesmen. Together with dispatcher – salesman text communication they result in less time spent on the roads and that leaves the salesmen more time for actual sales and search for new sales opportunities. The automatic history of trips helps to verify sales meetings, manage the sales territory and increase the productivity. The system for car accident or misuse warning is also an advantage.


ANDISmonitor helps to optimize the use of company car fleet. It can increase the company car fleet utilization by around 20%, which can prevent the need to pay precious resources for procurement, operation and servicing of new vehicles. Automonitor also provides full control over the car fleet, drivers, work distribution and route planning – thus lowering the risk of logistical problems. It gives the ability to communicate and plan in real time and regulate the car fleet effectively. The automatic creation of trip and statistical reports of all the vehicles serves as a precious resource of information to support the decision making of the manager.


The result of ANDISmonitor establishment are also better services for the customers. They will get these services cheaper, because the system lowers the costs effectively. Also the information the customers get are timely, more accurate and better targeted - even if the vehicle hasn´t returned to the base yet. Automonitor system makes every logistical operation quicker, more effective and, above all, cheaper – and that is exactly what the customers want.

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