Vehicle Operation Economy Evaluation



Decreasing the costs is necessary for every company and during today´s tough economy even more than ever. That´s why also ANDIS tried to bring a new function to the vehicle monitoring, that would be helping with this difficult but important task. The basic factor influencing the costs of the vehicle operation are its technical properties - the weight, aerodynamics, engine cubature, power, torque and so on, which are significantly influencing the operation economy of the vehicle. But you can influence them only once - during the purchase of the vehicle itself. Another factor are the external conditions in which the vehicle is being operated - how much is it loaded, whether is it driving in a mountain terrain or more in the down-country, whether in a warm or cold environment and so on.

But one more factor is often forgotten, which has significant influence on the overall operation costs of the vehicle. It´s the driver himself. Many studies and also the praxis itself prove, that by altering the driving style of the driver, whole tenths of percents of the vehicle operation costs can be saved. And it´s not only the savings on the fuel consumption. There are also many other areas which contribute to the overall costs of the vehicle operation, together by a comparable share as the fuel consumption. The most important ones are the engine, transmission, axles, brakes and tires. And it´s exactly the driver´s style that has a significant influence on the wear of the mentioned groups. It is undeniable, that speeding increases the fuel consumption and moreover increases the risk of an accident and its potential consequences. Similarly, sharp cornering increases the wear of the tires and puts excessive load on the axles. And sporty or aggressive driving style increases the fuel consumption and brakes wear and also the wear of other parts. And naturally, excessively stressed components wear out sooner and it is necessary to repair or replace them. And that costs money. Money, big part of which can be spared by improving the driving style of your employees. That´s the main reason why we have focused on the driving style of the drivers and brought you a function, thanks to which you will clearly and conveniently see:


  • the driving style of your drivers

  • how it influences particular vehicle operation costs

  • which steps can be done to decrease the overall vehicle operation costs


And how it all works? Thanks to our monitoring unit installed in the monitored vehicle, we have a complex data regarding its speed and its changes - the acceleration and deceleration. Also, every monitoring unit is equipped with so called accelerometer, which records also the side acceleration of the vehicle in detail. That is giving us the information about the vehicle driving style, the cornering and the resulting driving comfort. When the collected data are statistically evaluated, we can say with a sufficent accuracy, how the monitored vehicle was behaving on the road and thus evaluate the driving style of the driver and the resulting economy of its operation. That will enable you to identify the employees which are driving normally and also the ones that are driving uneconomically. And its exactly theirs driving style, alteration of which can spare you a significant resources. In the DEMO you can see how is the system implemented in the ANDISmonitor portal itself. Just open the "reports" tab and select the "driving style of vehicles" option.

The evaluation of the vehicle operation economy is divided into the following three modules which will explain to you, how the system works:













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